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Newsletter, Spring 2021

by Derek Lanter April 18, 2021

Spring 2021
Springtime Northern New MexicoRemember what you were doing this time last year?  The return of Spring is slowly coming and with it the changes and new sense of hope we feel as some of the restrictions are finally lifting.  Joy in getting out and seeing others, and enjoying simple pleasures.  Keep positive, be careful and enjoy life as best you know how.

As for us at Cacao Santa Fe,  we had to make a decision in the Fall of 2020 that given the operating restrictions and loss of in person business and the ongoing costs of doing business we decided that we could not renew the lease on the Richards Street Chocolate Factory space. During the month of December we made a concerted effort to process all the cacao beans into bars and blocks of chocolate and we roasted all our remaining coffee beans. We had a very good Christmas thanks to all our friends and customers!  Then we packed up our equipment  and put it in to storage and on New Years eve, we finished the move out and cleaned the space and went home to begin 2021 with a fresh outlook.

At this time we are looking for the right opportunity in the right location.  That will take some time.  Meanwhile, we are focusing on our webstore business where customers can continue to easily purchase online.  To date all the remaining coffee is sold and gone until the roaster can be set up again (yes it is painful, we miss the freshly brewed cups and lattes too!  I have switched to mostly good tea for the time being). The Chocolate bar inventory and sipping chocolates are in good shape and we have recently updated the website.  Favorites like our award winning inclusion bars- Prickly Pear/Hibiscus and Lime bar, the Chaco bar with Nibs and sea salt, and the Rise N Shine bar with Pinon, Coffee, Nibs and Chile are available for purchase. We also have Goats Milk bars and single origin  dark 72% Peru, Ecuador, 100% PuroColumbia, Guatemala and Hawaiian bars as well as the really dark 85% - 100% Estate bars from Peru, Hawaii, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic.  All bars are available by the bar or in 3 - 12 bar samplers. We also offer a great value chocolate bars by the case of 12 which can be a mix and match.

Our most popular and award winning sipping chocolate elixir mixes are also available.  The Zapotec Tejate (with Blue Corn Atole) and the Colonial New Mexican (with Hazelnut and Chile) both won Bronze medals at the  2020 International Chocolate Awards . You can prepare these using hot water   (or a nut milk for a creamier texture) to melt the chocolate, whip it good with a whisk then drink hot or refrigerate and ice it for a cool spring drink. As I write this, its rather cold and windy , so hot chocolate is on my menu today! 

The Search Continues
We have not yet found a suitable location to re-open and honestly we are in no rush to commit to a buildout and lease when things are still uncertain and /or recovering. We did not receive the last grants available- there were many applicants and limited funds.  There are some possibilities in shared/ collaborative and complementary arrangements. 
Because of the long, multi day process to make chocolate, as well as the expensive equipment, typical shared commercial kitchen space is a complicated option and the reality is setting up another commercial kitchen in New Mexico is a long, expensive endeavor. Neighboring states on all sides have Cottage Industry laws that are more lenient than NM when it comes to making chocolate products.or having a nice little coffee and chocolate cafe... , but if you have any leads on a very favorable  space, or a collaborative opportunity, please give us a shoutout.

Melanie has been back and forth to Texas a few times this last year. We have a lot of wonderful Texas customers and are checking out the possibility of a location there, as well as continuing to explore opportunities in New Mexico.  Due to the shorter shelf life on Truffles, Melanie has not been making inventory of truffles. We will probably kick up truffles again in the fall for the winter holidays.

For now, the online store is our only avenue until events begin to happen again.  In Santa Fe, we have been able to meet up with many of you and deliver orders, so that continues to remain an option and you can still find our bars downtown at Doodlets.

We truly appreciate the support you have all shown this last year and our recent nomination for the Santa Fe Reporters Best of Santa Fe awards.  The final voting for that will happen in May.

Hopefully things will become more clear and get easier as we go. We hope you are all healthy and safe, doing your part to get vaccinated so life can return to a more normal year with events and socializing. We miss all of you! Please stay in touch by email- and you can find us on Instagram at @cacaosantafe or Facebook @cacao. We'll continue to update you as things progress.
Derek and Melanie

Derek Lanter
Derek Lanter


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