Boxed Chocolates

Chaco Pottery Shard Collection 16 Pc truffles

Inspired by the Indigenous cultures of Chaco Canyon in NW New Mexico, this truffle collection features 4 delicious truffles created from fine flavor cacao and local and wild sourced fruits, berries, nuts and spices. Just 10 years ago, 150 pottery vessels were uncovered in Pueblo Bonito, Chaco's largest ruin. These intact vessels, all designed with beautiful black and white designs, had residue that all tested positive for Theobromine, the main ingredient in Chocolate. Since chocolate doesn't grow in the high, cold winter desert it is assumed that that chocolate was a traded commodity with native peoples of the Yucatan in Mexico. Taste history in these decadent chocolate truffles. A unique, tasty and conversational gift from the Southwest.

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