Winter Holiday Specials include a variety of outstanding single origin craft chocolate bars by the case, as well as the Southwest Collection trio makes for great gifts. The Online Store is open for Business. Get some and make the people you care about feel better. Thanks for your continued support along the way!

About Us


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At Cacao Santa Fe we bring together an experience of fine hand crafted chocolate and artisan truffles specializing in Southwestern and Hawaiian tropical flavors and designs. Indulge in fine chocolates, choose from our collection of carefully curated chocolate bars from artisan makers from around the world, or book one of our fun & educational hands-on workshops in Santa Fe or Maui .

We also specialize in roasting single origin coffee and chocolate including selections from Hawaii, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Belize, Brazil, Ecuador, Indonesia, Ethiopuia, Nicaragua and other sources. You can enjoy a single origin chocolate bars, custom pour over coffees, espresso drinks, and handcrafted drinking chocolates and elixirs ranging in our tasting room and coffee bar. 

3201 Richards Lane, Santa Fe, NM 87507.  
Phone 505-471-0891  email.

Chocolate and Coffee:  At Cacao Santa Fe we carefully roast fine flavored cacao beans and single origin specialty coffees on site.  Our roastmaster Derek has more than 30 experience roasting, sourcing, growing and processing coffee and cacao. We make bean to bar craft chocolate, and Melanie, our Master Chocolatier creates beautiful handmade truffles from the finest ingredients.  Step into our Coffee bar and try one of our carefully blended unique drinking chocolates, or Mark Sciscenti's original historic chocolate elixrs. Or try a cup or our single origin pour overs coffees and espresso drinks. Relax with friends or schedule a meeting in the learning area.

Classes and Workshops: We invite you to participate in one of our fun and educational chocolate tasting classes, cacao history and culture classes, or coffee and drinking chocolate workshops.
In our flagship "Food of the Gods" workshop participants join in to make a historic drinking chocolate from scratch while learning about the fascinating culture and history of chocolate. "Food of the God's" will take place in our Gallery, a specially designed place that will transport you to the farm and let you see the steps in solved from taking an agricultural product to something delicious.  
You will also learn how to discern quality as we taste fine chocolates from our carefully curated collection of bars from small batch craft chocolate makers around the world. Much like a wine tasting you will taste and understand terroir as it relates to chocolate and learn about the challenges faced by the chocolate industry to maintain fine flavor cacao.

Retail Area:  Take time to Explore our collection of homemade chocolate bars and truffles, as well as bars from some of the finest craft chocolate makers in the country and around the world.  We also offer quality chocolate themed gifts, including spa & body products, chocolate romance products, scented candles, flower garden seeds , packaged chocolate teas, handcrafted jewelry and logo wear









Cacao Santa Fe is a proud member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.  Learn more about chocolate and cacao by clicking on the link.