Chocolate Truffle Flavors

Our award winning Truffles come in 2 collections, Tropical and Southwest. Please specify when ordering your box, or choose Mixed if you'd like an assortment from both collections. We build boxes based on what is fresh in stock. All chocolates contain a 64% dark chocolate shell made with an Ecuadorian blend chocolate. The fillings may be milk, white or dark as best paired with the additional flavors. A few photos and flavor descriptions are listed here.A descriptive brochure of the flavors is included in each box.

Our Tropical Collection includes:

passionfruitLilikoi Silk70% dark HawaiianDreamy CaramelTahitian LimePassion, Orange, GuavaKona Coffee


Coconut Creme Brulee-Rich white chocolate with coconut and vanilla plus crunchy sugar. * Big Island Chocolate Festival, Oahu Farm lovers Festival winner.

Passionfruit Hearts- Passionfruit in dark chocolate

Passion, Orange, Guava (POG) in dark chocolate

Lilikoi Silk -Passionfruit and Mango in dark chocolate * Kona chocolate festival winner

Kona Coffee - A blend of milk and dark chocolate in a dark shell

Tahitian Lime-Tart lime and dark chocolate

Pineapple Habanero-Spicy n Sweet - In a cute pineapple shape, dark chocolate * Kona Chocolate festival winner

Mango- Dark chocolate and mango topped with dried mango

Kiawe /Mesquite- Smoked Seasalt Caramel- an all time favorite * Big Island Chocolate festival Winner.

Dreamy Caramel- a soft, creamy caramel , dark shell

Lava Salt caramel- A firmer, chewy caramel with black Hawaiian seasalt

Blood Orange- Dark chocolate and blood orange, topped with candied orange peel

Solid dark or milk turtles

70% Dark Hawaiian chocolate filling in a seashell

Vanilla Bean- Rich vanilla in dark chocolate, a marbled chocolate decoration on top 

Our Southwestern Flavors include:

Prickly pear, Hibiscus & Lime- a trio of fruity flavors in white chocolate, dark shell.Painted cocoa butter dome red/pink

Pinon & Juniper- Wild gathered nuts & berries in a caramelized milk Chocolate, dark shell with textured pattern

Biscochito- the NM state cookie in chocolate! Anise/Cinnamon sugar. Indian blanket pattern.

Red Chili Raspberry-Made with Heidi's Raspberry Jam, dark chocolate and Chimayo red chile. Pattern of Red Chiles.

Flan De Naranja- Custardy vanilla/orange center in white chocolate, dark shell

Lavender Honey- A little painted beehive with local honey and lavender infused into dark chocolate. * Big Island Chocolate festival winner

Vanilla & Allspice- The rich flavors of Old Mexico in dark chocolate

GreenChileHeirloom Apple Pie- Layers of flavor with dried apples, a green chile ganache in white chocolate and a touch of cinnamon

Canela- Rich cinnamon in a caramelized milk chocolate center, dark shell

Red Chile Spiced Pecan- A cluster of dark chocolate and spiced nuts

NM Balsamic- Authentic Balsamic vinegar produced in Monticello NM lends a rich flavor to a rare Peruvian 68% Chocolate called Fortunato # 4.

Pistachio- NM produces Pistachio's in the south part of the state. Our smooth, creamy ganache made with nut paste in white chocolate, whole nuts and a dark shell. Petroglyph turtle design.

Blackberry Sage- Aromatic herbal sage and blackberry in a caramelized milk chocolate center, dark chocolate shell. Kokopelli design.