Craft Chocolate Collections 3 bars

Free shipping on these 3  bar collections.  Set includes 3 x 2 oz Hand Crafted Chocolate bars made in Santa Fe.

These collections offer free shipping on 3 bar bundles via USPS First Class Mail. Use Discount Code: ValuePak in the coupon code field at checkout.                      

Choose from the options below (Select collection at bottom of page).  Priced from $33 - $36 Options include:    

Single Origin Collection:

1) Peru  72%,1) Dominican Republic Zorzal  72% & 1) Ecuador Costa Esmerelda 72%.  These fine flavored single origin bars are made with carefully selected premium cocoa beans for a genuine experience of regional chocolates.

Inclusion Collection, Southwest Flavors:  

1) Rise N Shine bar, Rugged texture of crushed coffee beans, toasted cocoa nibs, caramelized piñon nuts and a dusting of Chimayo Red Chile in dark milk chocolate 60% cacao

1) Hibiscus  Prickly Pear and Lime; Tart and Tasty in dark milk chocolate 60% cacao

1) Chaco Bar, Inspired bythe Ancient Puebloan use of cacao in ceremony at Chaco Canyon.  This smooth milk 60% cacao chocolate bar is complemented by the crunchy texture of toasted cocoa nib and red clay sea salt.  Let your imagination carry you to far away places.

Mixed Set, Single Origin and SW Flavors

1) Prickly Pear, Hibiscus, Lime. 

1) Rise N Shine with Pinon, Coffee, Nib and Chili

1) 72% Single Origin Belize Bar

Noir Collection Extra Dark Chocolate:

For those who crave the deep dark flavors of premium fine quality high cacao content chocolate we offer the Noir Collection of Extra Dark Chocolate Bars:

1) Belize Toledo  90%,1) Zorzal estate Dominican Republic 90% & 1) Ecuador Costa Esmerelda 90% bars

Hawaiian Collection:

A 3 bar set of rare and exquisite Hawaiian Chocolate from Oahu and Maui. These bars are in very limited supply as Hawaiian cacao is still in the early stages of production and the availability of bean is hard to come by.  Fortunately we have our sources and when we get a shipment we can offer a 3 bar set including: 2) Oahu bars from the North Shore characterized by bright fruits and mellow cocoa notes and 1) Maui bar, with deep purple fruit notes (plum and raisin) and earthy cocoa character.  Try these for a true taste of Aloha from the islands.

Milk Chocolate Collection:

1) Sweet Milk Chocolate, rich and creamy with a 50% cacao content for a deep chocolate flavor.

1) Milk Chocolate and Almond, the classic nutty, crunchy and milk chocolaty combination with toasted lightly salted almonds and creamy rich milk chocolate 50% cacao.

1) Espresso Latte Bar: Dark and Strong Coffee blended in Deep Milk Chocolate.  A natural combination of two our favorite past times: Coffee and Chocolate.

All Bars, Hecho en New Mexico 

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