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Boxed Chocolates

Chaco Pottery Shards 8 pc box

Our unique truffle collection of pottery shards designs taken from actual pottery excavated  at the Chaco Canyon site. 4 flavors 2 each in the 8 pc collection. Prickly pear/hibiscus & lime, Piñon/juniper, Chokecherry with cascabel chile and 72% dark chocolate with Nibs and Red Clay Sea Salt. Each box comes with a flavor/pattern guide and the story of cacao in Chaco Canyon.

We are taking a pause on new orders as our capacity is strained. Thanks for the love everyone. Please check back in a few days.

Some recent testimonials on this collection:

Thanks so much for the adorable Pottery Shard Truffle chocolate! 

Many thanks for sharing a special part of our cherished New Mexico,

Thank you for the OMG chocolate!  I had one, but can’t stop thinking about them upstairs where I hid them.

Those chocolates that you dropped off are AMAZING!!! I politely put them on the table, thinking the box would be opened tomorrow. Then, my coworkers came in and curiosity got the best of us. It was like opening a super special jewel box, “OHH’s” and “Ahhs” and deliciousness abound!

I want to thank whoever was responsible for the delicious little box of Valentine's chocolates called the Chocolate Pottery Shard Truffle.  They are delicious!  And very dangerous!  Thank you so much.

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